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T.O.P. Investing

Target Objective Portfolio or T.O.P. Investing is our way of simplifying the end clients’ goals into a portfolio of individual securities that meets their Target Objective.   

In our experience most investors have at least 1 of these 3 objectives:

1.       Growing their assets

2.       Generating Income from their assets

3.       Preserving what they have built

By combining our experience in portfolio management across several different asset classes and sectors we build portfolios that merge the unique risk and return characteristics to achieve each objective.

How is this different

T.O.P. Investing aims to combine the role of Asset Manager and Asset Allocator into one portfolio in order to minimize costs and maximize results. 

The investment advice business can be broken into many categories but in general can be summarized into two parts. 

1.       Asset managers

2.       Asset Allocators

Asset managers are most often very specific to their asset class and many investment products are built around this framework.  For example, you will find Large Cap Growth Equities, Investment Grade Bond, and Emerging Market mutual funds and ETF’s to name a few.  The managers of these products are very specialized and pick the stocks or bonds that they feel will generate a better return than their benchmark.  So if Large Cap Growth equities are down 10% for the year and the manager is down 9% then they did a good job.    

Asset Allocators main job is to build out a portfolio for the end client that consists of a blend of funds managed by Asset Managers.  These allocators typically charge a fee to pick the best managers in each category and build the portfolio for you. 

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